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Thank you for everything that you did during my college application process! I appreciate you taking the time to brainstorm, plan, and write my college essays. I know that I could not have gotten in to my first choice without your help and guidance. I really enjoyed getting to know you, Nora, and I was always very excited for our meetings!


Thank you so much for your steady hand, your exceptional expertise and your proactive approach to handling the application process.

Both [my daughter] and I feel that you gave her the best possible application to the best fit schools while spreading the work load out sufficiently that it was, while challenging, manageable.

We are extraordinarily grateful to you Victoria!


I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Reagan learned yesterday that she got into the University of Chicago. I really appreciate you taking us on as a client late this summer and Nora has been a rockstar! She’s been AMAZING with Reagan, so much so that it made this extremely, extremely stressful process a lot easier by taking the organizing (with your help) and all the writing off the table for Reg & I. Reagan had said long ago “with Nora’s help, I’m going to get into college”. Nora’s just been so steady, she meets with Reagan, no drama and good essays are submitted on time. It’s perfect! Thank you!


I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to this entire liberal arts world that I would have otherwise not even have taken a look at. I really believe that I will become the well-rounded individual that I hope to be in college! This has been a long and stressful process, but it has all been worth it to be able to go to the school that best matches my personality and work ethic. You have made the process so much easier and I will be sure to recommend you to others that I know will soon be beginning this process. It really has been a pleasure to share this stage of my life with you for the past 3 years and your help will no doubt benefit me for the rest of my life and for that I thank you!


Victoria was our trusted ally, confidant, and adviser from the very start of the college application process. Her knowledge and advice were critical to our son’s success. She guided him through high school junior and senior years, encouraging him to think realistically about college and how to maximize his chances. Victoria also managed us, the parents, very effectively with great reserves of tact and diplomacy. While it was our son who worked hard to earn his place in college, Victoria was the guide who made sure he made the most of his talents.Thanks to excellent teamwork, our son has been accepted into an excellent college that was at the top of his reach list.


There is no doubt in my mind that Victoria is the reason for my success. Her extremely personalized guidance made the application process clear and stress free. Because of her, I felt comfortable and ready to argue my case during interviews and campus visits, for I knew what to ask and what to expect. On top of this, her invaluable comments on my papers allowed me to write essays that effectively reflected my strongest qualities. She is truly an expert in the application process, and I cannot recommend her enough.


I cannot thank you enough for the innumerable ways that you helped me throughout this important journey. I truly do not believe that I could have been this successful without your guidance. From reading all of my essays to helping me decide what’s best for me, you’ve been an incredible advisor every step of the way. I’ve come to view you as a friend, and I really hope we stay in touch!
Once again, I am very thankful for everything you’ve done for me. Please please please stay in touch as I most surely will!


You have been instrumental in helping us through the application process and beyond. You kept me sane. You helped to relieve my anxiety. You kept my son on track. You made sure that his applications were completed on time. His essays were excellent. His ACT prep excellent. Your advise always relevant and helpful.


I think you know this but my daughter, husband and I appreciate your task of keeping us all on track and reminding us of both the small details that will make my daughter stand out, but also the big picture of applying to college. We always come out of our meetings with you saying how productive they are and thought you might appreciate the feedback. While my daughter, my husband, and I might not always agree (as you clearly witness firsthand), a healthy part of discourse seems to be part our family process and you weighing in on things such as courses, early admission, school offerings, etc. is very helpful.


When I picked up my son yesterday, he began to mention several things that you discussed.

I was stunned that he actually initiated conversation about college topics and spoke about his college preferences. I was truly amazed how you really connected with him just after one meeting & really understood his learning style right away. Several weeks ago when I mentioned that we were going to visit some colleges, he refused to go. Yesterday, he shared with me your advice about requesting business cards from admission reps. Now he seems open to setting up campus tours & info session times.
He doesn’t naturally have the best interpersonal skills. I really like that you are giving him specific examples about how to develop relationships with his teachers & counselor.

You really have made such a difference with him!

Prior to meeting you, I thought a college planner simply assisted with college essays, but our experience with you has been much more than I ever expected. Thank you so much Victoria!