Distinctive College Consulting focuses on the unique value that Victoria Tillson Evans brings to the table as a college consultant and expert in higher education. With years of experience working on university faculties, she knows what makes applicants successful college students. Because she understands how stressful the college admission process is and wants you to feel comfortable to ask the questions you need answers to, you’re never on the clock. As a result, all of the following services include unlimited phone and email correspondence with Victoria.

For families who do not live in the Washington, DC area, Victoria will be more than happy to meet with you on Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or any other free online video calling system available in your country and the United States.

    [accordion-item title="College Matching"]Are you unsure of where to go to school? With College Matching, Distinctive College Consulting will guide you through this often-daunting process. Taking a holistic approach, your child will work individually with Victoria to identify ten schools where your child will thrive. In her practice, Victoria uses well-established questionnaires to analyze your child’s needs and desires, so that she may develop a list of ten match, safety, and aspirant schools to which your child will apply. During your meetings with her, she will discuss her selections for your child, your child’s subsequent research and campus visits, and fine-tune your choices until she has established a list that satisfies your child. She will also help you figure out how to arrange campus tours and arm you with questions to ask so that you make the most of your visits.[/accordion-item]

    [accordion-item title="Financial Aid Guidance"]Do all of the stories in the media about college sticker prices make you think twice about applying to school? With Financial Aid Guidance, you will learn from Victoria how financial aid works, so that you can mitigate the financial impact of sending your child to college. This service also includes assistance deciphering and comparing each school’s financial aid package after your child receives his or her acceptance letters. That way you can make a truly informed decision about each university’s costs. If a package that you receive does not reflect your real financial needs, Victoria will also teach you how and when to negotiate with financial aid officers. Should you combine this service with College Matching, Victoria will work to ensure that she finds schools that are not only a good academic and social fit, but a good financial one as well.[/accordion-item]

    [accordion-item title="Application Completion"]What do admissions committees look for when they read your applications? How do you know which information to include and which to leave out? With Application Completion, Victoria will read through your child’s college applications, to ensure that they showcase his or her best attributes, activity involvement, and talents. She will check all applications for completeness, consistency, spelling and grammar, so that you can rest assured that there have been no careless mistakes. Included with this service, you will receive advice on:

    • How to secure strong teacher and guidance counselor recommendations
    • How to nurture and present talents
    • How and when to communicate directly with admissions personnel
    • How to use standardized tests (SAT I, SAT IIs, ACT, and AP) to boost an application
    • How to select high school courses to enhance your child’s transcript
    • And if need be, on how to handle being deferred or wait-listed.

    Victoria will also pace your child and keep him or her abreast of important deadlines, so that your child completes his or her applications in an organized and timely manner. This service covers all components of the application except essays.[/accordion-item]

    [accordion-item title="Essay Assistance"]The essay section of college applications is your one chance to tell your story the way you want it told. In some cases, it can make the difference between being admitted to your top choice school and not. Victoria, who has years of experience publishing articles, grading college student papers, and successfully composing winning grant proposals, will help your child brainstorm and develop, draft after draft, ten applications worth of essay topics that will highlight his or her unique characteristics. In her work, she will ensure that both the style and content of your child’s essays grab the admissions committee’s attention, while your child learns the principles of great essay writing.[/accordion-item]

    [accordion-item title="Interview Preparation"]What do alumni and admissions officers want to know from you in person? With Distinctive College Consulting, you will receive two mock interviews, which guide your child through the types of questions to expect and the best ways to respond. She will also provide your child with a recommended reading list to enhance his or her conversations with admissions personnel and alumni interviewers.[/accordion-item]

    [accordion-item title="Gap Year Planning"]Are you not sure if you are ready to go to college after high school? Do you feel a little burnt out from twelve years of intense education? If so, you may wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity to take time to travel abroad, engage in community service, explore career options through internships or paying jobs, and/or become more self-aware. We can help you identify programs and develop a structured break, so that you can enter your freshman year recharged and motivated to hit the ground running.[/accordion-item]

    [accordion-item title="Summer Experience Selection"]What plans do you have for this summer? If you don’t like your answer, chances are college admissions committees won’t like it either. Let Distinctive College Consulting help you discover the right summer experience for you to keep you on the competitive track. We will work with you to identify reputable and affordable opportunities, through which you deepen an existing passion, go abroad, or even earn some money. Together we can explore several types of options, including but not limited to:

    • Precollege Summer School Programs
    • Volunteer Opportunities, Abroad and Near Home
    • Internships, Paid and Unpaid
    • Sports Camps and Outdoor Adventures
    • Performing and Creative Arts Programs

    Selecting a great program not only means engaging in personal enrichment, but also gaining a competitive edge in selective college admissions.[/accordion-item]

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