A Backdoor Entry into the Ivy League?

Wouldn’t it be great if you found the secret key to open the door to an Ivy League degree? It may surprise you, but such opportunities do exist. They just are not for your typical freshman.

In an effort to serve non-traditional students, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, and U. Penn have developed Bachelor’s Degree programs for working adults. Some of these programs offer flexible scheduling through online, evening and weekend classes, as well as the option to enroll part- or full-time. Others, instead, integrate adult learners into their regular classrooms, making non-traditional transfers as much as a part of campus life as their other undergraduates. The entry requirements and application processes vary from school to school, as does the access to financial aid, so it will be important to review each website for details and specific opportunities. Plus you should note that the type of major areas of study available, so that you meet your educational as well as professional goals before enrolling.

For additional information on each program, check out each school’s website:

Brown University, Resumed Undergraduate Education Program

Columbia University, School of General Studies/

Harvard University, Extension School

University of Pennsylvania, College of Liberal and Professional Studies

Yale University, Eli Whitney Students Program

While in some cases, these Bachelor’s Degrees are not exactly the same as those awarded to full-time, traditional undergraduates, in all cases, the weight of these schools’ names is.

Posted on June 1, 2013 at 5:03 pm

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