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Distinctive College Consulting focuses on the unique value you bring to the table as a college applicant. With years of experience working in higher education, we know what will make you successful as a prospective student and beyond.

  • Victoria Tillson Evans, Ph.D.

    Victoria Tillson Evans will help you develop a personalized strategy as well as successfully navigate the admissions process.

  • Nora Lessersohn, A.B., A.M.

    Nora Lessersohn will help you shape compelling application materials and prepare you to think like a college student.

  • Nationally Recognized

    Victoria is a nationally recognized authority in the field of college consulting. She frequently contributes to major news outlets, including US News and World Report, the Huffington Post, the Washington Examiner, BuzzFeed, and Fox News.

  • Serving Washington and the world.

    Meet with Victoria either in-person or via video conference. That way, you can keep honing your college applications from anywhere.

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A New Approach

With us, you will learn not only how to navigate the admissions process, but how to think about and prepare for your college experience. We also offer consultations and meetings via videoconference, extending our services far beyond the Washington, DC area.

An Inside Perspective

You will work with someone who intimately knows how universities operate. With years of experience teaching on college faculties, mentoring students, and reviewing academic work, we can get you asking the right questions and writing like an undergraduate.

It's About You

You will receive personalized attention that will provide you with the support you need to find the right fit college and financial aid, as well as enjoy your journey through higher education. By the end of our work together, you will be rightly proud of your accomplishment.

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